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Hi Everyone,

I set up this thread as a quick reference Guide for everyone to refer to when looking at spell casters. List all the spell casters and services that have been tried and tested and are definite not to go near or throw your money on.  

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http://www.voodoohex.com IOX BAMBODA
alizon's psychic 

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http://www.love-spells-witch.co.uk/ CARMEN


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Aisha Haddi -www.egyptianwitchcraft.com
 Ashra spells- http://www.freelovespells.ca


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ancient black magic Hasan

Abigail Christensen


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Shamanist.com ...obviously now lol. >.<

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Robbsli- did you get scammed by Kuma hassan? im currently using him can u tell me what happened?

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yes if you want I wrote to you on the other thread.....you will never see results from him trust me

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if I were to compile a list of their names and costs I would probably faint from all the money I've lost, seriously!

I once paid this so called shamanist $3000! via western union http://www.sumprememaster.net her name is suma patel and email is 1@suprememaster.net ,

$1000 to this russian black magic caster http://www.magtamerlan,

$1000 to http://www.ancientmagicspells.com Joshua stone http://www.guaranteedlovespells.com

from http://www.calastrology.com hundreds there also

Kyra meadows http://www.kyrameadows.com Lee Anne at http://www.divinelovespell.com

Mambo cornfield at http://www.abaxion.com

ebay seller The Dugout for voodoo solls that didn't work! I bought like 20 of them!



Queen witch serra can't find website lost hundred and hundred here - shes on Keen

real voodoo josue http://www.realvoodoo.org

I didn't try Kofi, though cos expensive but I think he may be real as he has many many real hand written letter testimoials check it out kofi@witch-lovespells.com; http://www.witch-lovespells.com/

Ebay seller Coven or 4 - brittany french big time scammer!

rishi bingu at http://www.forbiddenblackmagic.com

also http://www.afrikanvoodoomagickpowers.com/ can u believe I paid $500 usd for a powerful braclet that they didn't even bother to ship to me???? These ppl have a compalint on ripoffreport

http://www.black-magic-spells.co.uk/other_spells.html dantalion also on ripoff!

Magnolia at http://www.enchantedmagnolia.com I spent nearly a thousand of many spell just one the one purpose! I know a few ppl who also used her and got nothing!!!

Deedee Doherty http://www.hauntedcuriosities.com she sells spirit possessed items for love,money etc I spent thousand s and just got jewelry!

Stanley Tham for love amulets that did zip http://thailand-charms-amulets.blogspot.com/

Ebay seller also for love amulets Nayan992007

Ebay selelr latinstar9 regina Meant to be santeria but got no results! and no replies after spell!

Indoneasian magic from http://www.kijoyoasmoro.com
Philipino magic from Mercedes http://www.asianlovespells.com

A ebay group of witches called theosdjonnjewelry and I used 2 witches tracey, black mongolia and Houngan Sha all were very aggressive and threatening, no results!

ebay selelr eric Fraize - dod black magic spell for me! nothing! http://www.witchkingofsalem.com

sereen at http://www.sehreen.com for money spell did jack all!

ebay seller daiden and zimora dark magic nothing!

So as u can see I searvhed far ans wide in many cultures, magic inmany forms to achieve results and got scammed! So here;'s the proof to those who may think I'm a competiter or not been scammed by many ppl!
I have and that’s why I am frustrated and try to bring scammers down!!!!!!!

THE LAST resort for me was Houngan Hector and to my shock and amazement~ His spells worked! I highly recommend him and as u can see I have spent so much money with so many people, so I kind of know what I am talking bout!

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Originally Posted by Blackmagickgirl

ebay seller The Dugout for voodoo solls that didn't work! I bought like 20 of them!

I ordered a few spells from this ebay seller. I didn't order the dolls though. I hope the spells work. Ryces, Lateine and Chopstix mentioned they had some results from their spells.

I will be posting my results in the VoodooMagickshop thread.

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I have tried ebay seller Cleopatra's Coven, nothing happened.

Stanley Tham from http://thailand-charms-amulets.blogspot.com/ is real though. I have purchased two amulets from him and they were both confirmed to be authentic by the makers. However, the amulets are not as powerful as he advertised.

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These scammers need to get a life, to be honest.  I don't think I've come across so elaborate a scam as Bruce's.  Saowaluk seemed so genuine.. I was verry close to being taken in, but thank God for this forum!

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I have done a lot of searching for the past month.  I'm pretty new at all this but I do a lot of research.  Reading this and reading that.  It does seem that there are sooooo many scams out there.  It sometimes gets to the point that you don't know who is telling the truth or competition that is trying to direct people to there sites.  Please excuse my spelling sometimes...my worst subject ever since I rely on spell check.


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http://www.love-spells.org/ a person named Karina.  I feel like an idiot, I had ordered a spell from this person about Feb 21st.  Anyway I didn't feel good about it right after.  I have never heard a thing from her ever since.  Not even a lie that she cast the spell.  Nada...nothing...I emailed 4 times and never got a response.  Another one you can write down as one of those that takes your money and ran away with it.  Like I said I'm new to this and wish I would have found this forum in the beginning.


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I noticed a lot of people found this site through bruce's fake site. How do we know he isnt going to get on here? Is there any way to know that people on this site are true and genuine like I would like to believe?


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Originally Posted by puirextcy00
I noticed a lot of people found this site through bruce's fake site. How do we know he isnt going to get on here? Is there any way to know that people on this site are true and genuine like I would like to believe?

...Oh, I'm almost certain that scumbag (or SCAMbag) is here.

There are ways, but there is no surefire way to know which forum member is bruce or some other lowlife. However, I'm sure most of us here are real.

At least by being here, the "bruce" character will get a glimpse of how good people treat one another.

If anyone has email from bruce, please pm me.

Also, please post the link to this forum wherever you can so others on bruce's blog will find their way here.


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Yeah its pretty sad to think people like to steal from others when they are down and out. I mean how can anyone live with themselves when doing that. I know that Karma will get them. Obviously they think money is the key to happiness. Sad that they will see they will be the one's with nothing when all is said and done and they will be the one's looking for real casters while we all on here will be happy. LOL


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Well I had a brilliant ;-p idea to contact two of the scammers, Vera from vera loves spells (not sure if there is a post on her so I might make one) and Khun Saowaluk.

I wrote and sent this email to both of them;

'I think you should refund my money as my casting with you did not work.
This is honest and fair.

Furthermore I will happily write you positive testimonials and let everyone know how good you were. You have so much faith and confidence that for some reason your castings did not work than you are willing to refund the money.

It is not to say you are not a powerful spell caster or that your magic isn't true. Maybe it was just a case of the magic not being compatible with me.

I strongly urge you to consider what a positive thing this will be for your business and I'm sure you clientele will grow and be more confident in you.

Please respond as soon as possible.

Thank you'

Well Vera has not respond and when I tried to dispute via paypal I was told the time limit was up so now I have to report her to crime, fraud bureaus etc.

Khun Saowaluk actually replied saying he would finish his working and that his spell would be successful. Funny because he was asking me for more money in order to complete spell.

I'm wondering if I can report him to Western Union...

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Yes my email is meant to be a little threatening but at the same thing still coating things with honey saying maybe their magic just wasn't compatible with me. I am trying to get my money back so I'll do what I can.


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i come back to the same thing that I have said on my introduction. There is never a 100% success rate for most things in life. This forum will only be sought out by people like us who are waiting for results or who are clearly taken in by some of the scammers out there. I am waiting for results and remain open and positive but man it is hard.
The lucky ones who do get spells that work probably won't come on here and tell us because they are happy with what they got and won't be looking for any further answers. The question will always be is the spell caster i paid money to for real or not. it is shameful for people to take money from those who are suffering for what ever reason. Surely they must know when playing with peoples lives Karma will eventually kick in and kick their as*.....

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Those are some good points, Newtoit.

 However, people who want to avoid scammers in the first place find their way here too.

And you'll find posts here by people whose spells have either worked or are experiencing things that may indicate that their spells are working.


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BEWARE!! immediateloveresults@yahoo.com - this person is a fraud.

I "chat" on a site about this sort of thing and someone suggested her for a free reading. I sent her an e-mail about a free reading and she sent me back a message that sounded great to me. However, upon further investigation, I found out that she sent the EXACT same e-mail to someone else...to the letter exactly the same. This is the e-mail she sent me and at least one other person:

I feel that you
have some
psychic abilities
 yourself. I also sense that there is a strong depression around you lately. I feel that this man loves you very much through his heart, but his mind is not with you 100% at the moment. I feel that you need help with this. I am a shaman. Where there is a level of 6 to reach for a psychic,a shaman starts at the level 9. This is the difference in power. I would like to help you. Through my work i will fast for 3 days and 3 nights,free myself from any world like energies and enter your soulmate's mind trough my energies transferring to him. From there i will see the negative thoughts and fears this person is having and replace them with positive ones,passion and romance will be back in his mind. Within 3 days you will have or reunite with your love. What i need from you to start 1. I will have to speak to you by phone or e-mail 1 or 2 times a day. 2. My work is not for entertainment. This is real results. You need to be sure of this. 100% devotion into this man.3.Ametal object that was touched by him. (Lighter,coin or anything) that you will work with on your end for vibe reasons. 4. FAITH, TRUST AND HONESTY 5.I am also taking a donation minimum of $200 or whatever other amount you want to put extra Thank you and GODBLESS i think you should know there is a spirit that passed from cancer watching over you Please call ###-###-####.


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Thanks for making us aware of this Kim!

Feel free to start a new thread about her.

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Hi Kim and everyone else. I have chatted with you on the best of 2 worlds. How are you doing? I got a "free" reading from her as well only I think her site was called the love psychic or something like that. At first I was impressed and then I remember thinking that of course she could say that and she could assume her visitors were all in trouble with 'love' as she calls herself a love psychic. We wouldn't ask for a free reading from a love psychic if you had money troubles would we now! Amazing how we start to see the similarities and spot the frauds...

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These are spell casters that I would definitely not recommend. Some of them guarantee recasts or money back but NONE have complied:














(That’s not to say these spell casters are complete fraud. I just, personally, had a bad experience with them.)


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For further spell casters scam list goes here...


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